Sit back, relax, and let CustomSell market your Magento store

Stop wasting time doing your own eCommerce marketing. Install CustomSell and let it sell your products while you relax.

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An fully-automated marketing team for your Magento shop

CustomSell connects to Magento and drives your sales by building email campaigns, following up with customers and running promotions. Just say what you want done and the Marketing Assistant will handle it.

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No thinking required

Rather than force you to come up with your own complicated campaigns, CustomSell asks questions
then writes your emails for you based on your goals.


Supercharged marketing, without the hassles.

Of course, you can tweak anything that's designed for you, and make your own campaigns in a snap. Our drag and drop campaign builder is remarkably simple to use, and lets you map out both real-time and automated marketing sequences for every imaginable scenario.

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It doesn't end there

CustomSell is jam packed with easy-to-use next generation marketing tools that work automatically with Magento.

Track shoppers
Generate leads
Customise email
Automate sales

Proactive suggestions

From September, CustomSell's Marketing Assistant will monitor your store and make proactive suggestions to improve your marketing. Certain stock not getting exposure? Particular product line not selling as well as usual? Let CustomSell flag these issues up and suggest a solution.


Which version of Magento does this work with?
CustomSell supports both Magento 1 & 2. We also have a Shopify extension and more platforms will be added soon.
Do I need to enter my card details for the trial?
Nope. There are no catches and no strings attached. Signing up takes 30 seconds.
How does pricing work?
Pay £480 a year for all basic features and tracking for up to 10,000 contacts. Purchase email credits to send email, so you only pay for what you actually use.
Are there any setup / training fees?
Nope. CustomSell takes five minutes to setup and it's easy enough to use out of the box. If you do need some extra help, we give you all the support you need for free.
Is there a guarantee after the trial?
You bet. After two months if you have not experienced a sustainable and VERY dramatic increase in new business… or if... for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll give you your money back in full.
Will my emails be delivered?
CustomSell's email deliverability is the best in the business. We send from the same infrastructures as Stripe, Slack and Basecamp, so you can rely on us to get your emails to the inbox.
Will CustomSell replace MailChimp?
Absolutely. There's nothing MailChimp can do that CustomSell can't, and we're willing to bet you'll want to swap over immediately after starting your trial.
How easy is it to swap from other email software?
It's very easy and we can even do it for you! But no need to think that far ahead yet. Why not start with a trial first to see what you think. You can always hit us up later if you need help switching over.